2018 Wrap up. What a year.

As we come to the end of the year, we have been reflecting on some of our highlights across 2018. For r10, 2018 was an exciting year where we grew our capability to continue responding to the demand for modernisation across the London and International insurance markets. As a company, we have invested further in building trust with our clients, by focusing on enhancing our services and working with the best talent.

Bigger and Better

To improve and refine our services, the r10 team grew at a record pace introducing capability across business analysis, project management and solution design. Also, Malcolm Beane was a remarkable addition to lead r10’s Advisory Board. His vast leadership experience helps the Management team to deliver services that support the short, medium and long-term success of our clients.

With this growth, we moved to a bigger, shiner office too!

In 2018, we identified the need to work more collaboratively with our associates to ensure we provide the support they need to deliver. We launched the r10 Community, which integrates our associates into the r10 culture and creates a trusted network of experienced capability. Building a relationship based on trust with our associates ensures that our clients have access to a wide range of experts with a mutual passion for results, delivery and modernisation.

We have entered into a strategic partnership with Alchemy Technology Services, a Northern Ireland based insurance technology resource provider which gives onshore and near-shore access to fresh technical talent that addresses the appetite for change.

Promoted innovation and change in the London Market

r10 delivered instrumental projects for London Market modernisation, such as:

  • A Brexit contingency solution to support the Market, by leading the project management, testing, people and robotic changes.
  • A strategic advisory project on a London Market Modernisation programme for a large insurance services provider, that aimed to move accounting and settlement into a digital environment with a single messaging platform.
  • A proof of concept for a London Market solutions and services leader, that demonstrated the improvement of processes by using an industry leading peer-to-peer payment platform.

Throughout 2018, the r10 team participated in influential events in the London Market, such as:

  • DXC Digital Minds, where Bahar Rokni and Hayley Boulden joined as delegates. The Digital Minds delegates comprise of representatives from London Market brokers, insurers and associated organisations to create a future-proof London insurance market.
  • ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge, where Peter Mungeam, r10’s Managing Director for Advisory, chaired the judging panel to select the start-up that demonstrates the potential to disrupt traditional approaches to insurance.
  • Insurance Day London Market Awards, where r10 sponsored the Insurance Initiative of the Year Award.

Giving back

r10’s commitment to giving back to community remained a priority in 2018.

Our “Talent in Sports” programme expanded to support more upcoming athletes. We participated in the London Poppy Day to raise funds for the British Army. We played rock papers scissors to support the Insurance United Against Dementia initiative.

To raise awareness among our sphere of influence, r10 promise to promote diversity and inclusion continued in 2018.

r10 ran campaigns on mental health and stress awareness, gender parity, and talent diversity in the insurance industry.

Looking forward to 2019

As always, new challenges await the industry. Brexit, will it ever end and what will the impact be? The adoption of LM TOM initiatives will continue and what impact will the new CEO at Lloyd’s bring? Our market will continue to face pressure to improve efficiency, reduce costs, stay relevant and become more client-centric.

In the next year, r10 will continue to be involved in major strategic change programmes across the London Market and smaller tactical projects to allow our clients to realise the potential benefits of true market disruption. We thank all of our clients, partners and associates for their ongoing support. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.