How a new consulting mindset can bring strategy to life

Today’s companies expect more than suggestions and thoughtful recommendations. They want a partner that is agile enough to respond to their needs and bring strategy to life. This new consulting mindset holds specialised engagements that scale quickly, expert know-how, and implementations in collaborative and innovative ways.

The first step is for consultants to leave the old guard in the past, embrace new ways and adopt a new consulting mindset that delivers value to the clients.

What does this new consulting mindset include then?


  1. Expertise without limits

The new consulting mindset has one aim – to deliver value to the client efficiently and effectively. This means that the sources of expertise can come from many avenues – from internal consultants, a pool of trusted associates, and an ecosystem of partners. As a result, the client can tap into expert and technical know-how in a flexible and agile way that will yield maximum value, without limitations on knowledge, time or location.


  1. Prioritise trust

Quick wins and short-term solutions do not have space in a mindset that prioritises trust. Having a macro view mindset that focuses on delivering the right solution creates a trusted relationship with the client. A shared success between the management consultancy and the client establishes a partnership dynamic that seeks solutions that can come to life through a good user experience and an actionable package.


  1. Communication is a superpower

A mindset that prioritises good and effective communication brings success and satisfactory outcomes closer. Active listening, clarifying when needed, structured and concise writing are some aspects that help to understand the perspective of the client to deliver the needed solution. Effective communication starts from the very beginning of pitching a service to the end of the project cycle, with honesty and transparency as priorities. Ego or superiority games do not have space when the objective is only one – to deliver successful outcomes for the long term.

Embracing change can be challenging and take people out of their comfort zone. Thus, finding ways to tailor communications depending on the audience is a skill that comes with sharing simple, straightforward messages. However, change means uncertainty and resistance, therefore passing through those messages is vital.


  1. Working constantly to evolve

Perpetual learning is power. Therefore, staying on top of changes is key for future growth. It is important to create a mindset that focuses on cultivating innovative thinking, building skills, and adjusting to evolution to prepare both the clients and consultants for the future of work. Committing to continuous learning as consultants is key for delivering successful, innovative, and technology-savvy solutions.

Beyond learning, sharing knowledge is equally important. A mindset that is actively seeking to share knowledge shows that it is not only who delivers that specific know-how but also the relationship that wraps the implementation.


  1. A good work-life balance

Working long hour daily in management consulting is seen less often. Instead, it is a priority now that more agile ways to implement an ideal strategy exist to put people first and to have a healthier work-life balance. Yes, there will be more intense periods than others, but enjoying life, family, and leisure sparks creativity, productivity, collaboration and morale. Employees, consultants, and clients all need time to exercise their passions both at work and in life.


The mindset described brings r10’s work to life helping our clients embrace change, future challenges and opportunities. Get in touch to find out how we can support your business.