How is Hayley Boulden shaping the #r10story, as the Head of Staff Augmentation?

At r10 individuality matters, thus each employee helps shape the company rather the company shaping our employees.

In an insightful interview, Hayley Boulden talks about her story, the #r10story. Her experience and commitment have helped to shape the Staff Augmentation service at r10.

Hayley discusses how the Staff Augmentation service helps our clients meet their objectives, and why she wants to make a change.

Edited excerpts from the interview below.

Tell me about yourself

My name is Hayley Boulden; I work at r10 Consulting. I’m the head of Staff Augmentation.

I like meeting new people; I like to know what’s going on in the insurance market. I’ve worked on a lot of client projects. They were sales, IT, operational projects. I joined r10 because previously I’d worked on what we now call the client side and I wanted to experience working on a consultancy side. Being able to help other clients deliver their objectives within projects.


What is Staff Augmentation?

Put simply; Staff Augmentation is about flexibility for our clients. This is about us listening to our client’s requirements placing the right skilled persons from our talent pool into their project. Whether this is for three, six or twelve months to deliver the objectives required to make their project a success.

It’s really important to us that the associate placed on the client site meets the objectives. The way that we track these objectives is by meeting with them regularly. And by gaining a status update that we feedback to the client. When we place an r10 associate on client site, and they help the client achieve their objectives and progress the project to a success, it gives us a great sense of achievement. And that’s one of the reasons why I joined r10.


Why is r10 different?

r10 is about speed, efficiency and agility. We have a unique set of offerings, meaning our clients get a truly tailored service.

At r10, we listen to our clients we work with our clients to ensure that we’re providing the best individuals to go into their projects and deliver the objectives required. I joined because I wanted to make a change and develop a capability.