Jo Flint is the Insurance Woman of the Year.

We are extremely proud of Jo Flint, r10’s Chief Operating Officer, who won the Insurance Woman of the Year Award (small to medium firms).

She was selected to win from over 500 applications by a panel of 31 judges for her actions to help raise women’s profile in the sector through her commitments to attracting and retaining female talent, education, training, leadership, and mentoring.

Please join us in congratulating her on her fantastic achievement. We are proud to see the initiatives she leads to develop our talent and culture being recognised and celebrated, not only within the company, but across the insurance sector.


Jo Flint said,

“I’m truly grateful for the acknowledgement. We all know everything we do at r10 is done together, which makes me proud of this team. With this award, I want to inspire other women to work towards their aspirations confidently while continuously supporting each other. It is a privilege to help champion other women and support women in business.”

Also, we want to congratulate Laura Ryan, Head of Finance & Operations, who was a finalist in the Unsung Hero (Service Provider) category. We know that her actions make a positive difference in the company. Even if she didn’t win, her achievement and contributions are admirable.

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The Women in Insurance Awards honour the inspiring achievements of women across all sectors of the market, all levels and all disciplines, while offering a platform for companies to shaping the discussion around how we can improve diversity by applauding the most forward-thinking initiatives.

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