Q&A: Riskbook co-founders, Jerad Leigh and Ben Rose, share a glimpse into their start-up journey, partnering with r10 and the future

Riskbook, an independent provider of reinsurance placement technology, have recently entered a strategic partnership with r10, as their preferred global implementation and integration partner.

In a series of questions, Jerad Leigh and Ben Rose, Riskbook co-founders, share their thoughts on how they see the future for their platform and a glimpse into their journey.

Why have you chosen to partner with r10?

We build reinsurance technology. The r10 team are experts in (re)insurance technology implementation. It’s a match made in heaven!

Trust is vital in our industry and r10 is the team we know best and trust most to deliver the maximum benefits when cedents, brokers and underwriters want to roll out Riskbook across their organisations.


What is your experience working with r10?

We’ve been fortunate to have benefitted from r10’s experience since the early days of Riskbook. They have guided us brilliantly by ensuring our product is checking all the right boxes for our customers’ various internal stakeholders: helping us to build a product that is not only wonderful for brokers, underwriters and ceded re teams, but also for operations and IT teams.


How do you see the future now that you have an implementation partner?

Riskbook enables reinsurance brokers to prepare and manage digital risk placements from within a single, user-friendly platform. Our partnership with r10 will help brokers to maximise their return on digital transformation and create a better daily working experience for their entire workforce. And it’s not just brokers who reap the rewards of using Riskbook: when brokers use Riskbook, cedents and reinsurers benefit too.

Cedents can use Riskbook to automate data preparation, validation and analytics, including complex submission exhibits that plug directly into the broker’s placing tools. Reinsurers, meanwhile, are hungry to receive our data-rich, digital risks that arrive prepared and ready for instant pricing. r10 is poised to help these organisations make the most of Riskbook too, through support for API integrations, process flow design and more.


How do you think this partnership will help your clients?

The r10 partnership is scale enhancing for Riskbook and drives a better end-to-end service for our clients as we progress beyond the POC stage and towards full integration with a number of large firms. r10’s project management capability will help us to ensure that we, as technology designers and builders, stay aligned with our clients’ key business objectives for measurably successful Riskbook integrations.

We truly see Riskbook as win-win-win: one of the many reasons why more and more clients are choosing to work with us. Thus, our focus is on helping brokers to scale their usage of Riskbook across their enterprise to create a better reinsurance placing experience for everyone.


What do the next 6 months look like for Riskbook?

We’re thrilled to be placing meaningful deals with significant cedents, brokers and reinsurers this winter renewal season, and will be capturing the learnings on every step of the journey. For those involved, we are excited to scale from initial placements this year, to most (if not all) placements next year. As market confidence in Riskbook grows, we’ll be working closely with r10 to ensure a delightful onboarding and implementation experience for all new clients and their risks.


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