r10 is delighted to announce our new charity partner Deedbees.

Deedbees support young people to build independent and successful futures – regardless of background – with the power of a strong professional network who offer “good deeds” through advice, guidance and mentorship.

Building on one of their key company principles, “Being inclusive”, r10 is dedicated in supporting Deedbees to unlock opportunities for young people facing barriers. The addition of their team of high-quality, skilled professionals to the Deedbees network will offer game-changing access for those aiming to enter professional roles for the first time. The ripple effect of these good deeds will have a positive impact in promoting accessibility and diversity across the insurance sector and beyond. r10 will also support Deedbees with fundraising efforts, and have offered to match any donations raised by our employees to ensure Deedbees can continue to invest in young people’s futures.


Jo Flint, COO of r10, said:

“We’re delighted to have Deedbees as a charity partner. Empowering the future generation is at the heart of what we do, and this partnership will allow us to share our consulting skills and mentor young people on their first steps in the industry.

As consultants, r10 employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge in a range of areas. Deedbees will match employees with Community Bee members who will benefit most from their skills through one-to-one sessions focusing on key areas such as industry insights, CVs and applications, interviews, confidence, and communication skills. Together, r10 and Deedbees will give young people that extra boost – that many take for granted – towards a successful and independent future.


For more information about Deedbees visit: www.deedbees.org/

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