r10 partners with InsurX to push innovation.

r10 is delighted to support InsurX, a digital capacity exchange, in their mission to modernise capacity trading in the commercial insurance industry. InsurX’s algorithmic matching function drives digital underwriting, saving brokers time spent finding follow lines in the market. The platform’s enriched data allows underwriters to grow and diversify their portfolios, and the facilitation of algorithmic portfolio underwriting reduces carriers’ cost bases.

With r10’s impartial advice, product development support, and partnership, we want to push innovation further and support InsurX success roadmap. InsurX a member of the Lloyd’s Lab accelerator programme that helps innovative ideas gain traction and success in the London market.


Amechi Peirce-Howe, Managing Director of r10, said,

“We want to offer our time and expertise to InsurX, as we believe their innovative binding platform can address some of the challenges we see in the market. Together, we can overcome inefficiencies with innovative technology that simplifies, accelerates and enriches data in our client’s digitalisation roadmap.


Gilbert Harrap, CEO and co-founder at InsurX, said,

“We’re delighted to work with r10 on developing the direction of our Exchange. Their guidance on market fit will help us flesh out our value proposition to underwriters and brokers, and has accelerated our growth during the Lloyd’s Lab. We look forward to working closely together in future and shaping the digital future of the London market.


About InsurX.

InsurX connects insurance brokers and carriers together to trade complex commercial insurance risk. Whether you’re a broker or an underwriter, their proprietary algorithmic matching technology andintuitive user experienceimproves your effectiveness in the market.

For more information about InsurX visit www.insurxglobal.com


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