r10 Pledges Support to drive Blueprint Two solutions.

r10 has joined the London Market technology vendor community to offer support to customers who are adopting Blueprint Two, which aims to digitalise London market operations through solutions that will make the placement, accounting, and claims settlement better, faster and cheaper.

Lloyd’s new engagement initiative aims to bring vendors and suppliers together, to build and deliver appropriate, relevant, and adaptable solutions that provide real value and benefit to the market and end customer.

r10, collectively with other vendors and Lloyd’s, will work with our customers’ objectives to help them adopt and work with the new digital services being developed under Blueprint Two.

Helen Dines, r10’s Solution Director, said,

As Blueprint Two moves into its new delivery phase, we are working closely with the Blueprint Two programme, and offering support to our customers on their transformation journeys, including supporting their successful integration of Blueprint Two solutions into their systems and processes. We look forward to continuing working with other vendors, Lloyd’s and our customers to create a digital-first insurance marketplace.”

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