Webinar Question #2: What were r10’s major challenges with interacting with other organisations and any lessons learnt?

r10 hosted a well-received webinar on “How organisations are using an Agile Mindset to stay ahead in the changing world of work”.

The attendees submitted questions during the webinar around cultural changes, remote working challenges and lessons learnt. In a series of blogs, we are sharing the answers by r10’s People Advisory experts and presenters, Beth Cooper and Jo Flint. You can watch the webinar here.

Webinar Question #2: What were r10’s major challenges with interacting with other organisations and any lessons learnt?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused changes in mindset, attitude, direction, and behaviour for organisations.

The biggest challenge that we saw from our interactions with other organisations was the struggle for some to quickly provide the technological infrastructure, resources and support necessary to conduct work from afar. For example, we were open and transparent on what works or doesn’t for us. Also, we had on-going conversations on operational resilience and shared practical tools with other organisations.

The coronavirus has provided a big lesson in agility. We have all had to be agile to adapt and respond quickly to changing events.

This situation made companies realise how important it is to be comfortable with change and willing to shift gears when necessary. Leaders and employees have had to adapt to operate in a challenging environment, where the only certainty is change. Organisations that have previously been slow to move or unwilling to change will simply not survive in the new world.  Business leaders should be looking to adapt and not be afraid to take a new approach to survive and sustain in the circumstances we find ourselves in.

For organisations to be in good stead for the future, a positive I predict is that with the success that remote working has proven it will also result in remote recruitment and hiring, with companies beginning to see the value of this widened talent pool.

With this increased acceptance of remote and flexible working it will almost certainly or probably lead to a more inclusive recruitment policy, and to recruitment of individuals from a broader geographical area even after the pandemic.

For example, since the beginning of the lockdown we have introduced new members to the r10 team. Also, it gave us the chance to expand our talent pool of associates beyond geographical location, and focus on expertise and skills. In both cases, we used a remote hiring and onboarding process, which we were constantly improving based on the feedback we were receiving and the individual needs.

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