Why you should welcome r10


r10 envisions to bring a breeze of fresh air in the dynamics of the insurance market. Its lean and flexible business model empowers r10 to address the transformation needs of its clients; enabling faster and more cost-effective access to managed skills and expertise.

red10 Consulting Ltd was established in 2012, followed by its rebranding as r10 Consulting in April 2017, to bring expertise to the market via an augmented staff and project delivery model. Over the last 5 years, r10 has grown its client portfolio, supporting projects that require tracked outcomes or key deliverables. r10 partners its clients to understand their needs, quantify solutions and deliver results. r10 offers augmentation and advisory services covering business and technology change and transformation, delivered through matrix managed project teams.

Amechi Peirce-Howe, Managing Partner and Client Engagement, gives us an overview and his vision for r10.

“The re-launch of r10 Consulting marks another important chapter in the continued success of the organisation. Since 2012 our growth has been exceptional. I can attribute this growth to our ability to listening to our clients and translate this understanding into positive business and technology outcomes. Everyone involved in r10 should feel a sense of satisfaction in turning a concept into fully functioning staff and project augmentation consultancy. However, our journey is not complete. The London and Global Insurance markets are facing some well-documented industry-wide challenges. Our growing team of smart, talented and driven individuals, ideally positions r10 to support our clients now and in years to come. As founder and managing partner I can honestly say the I’m excited about writing the next chapter. r10 – Competence without arrogance, ambition without ego”.

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