Brexit Solution for an Insurance Services Provider


Our client, a London Market insurance services provider, was delivering a Brexit solution for their end client. The running project aimed to support the processing of premiums and claims post-Brexit; however, the portfolio delivery management team was struggling. r10 was asked initially to do an independent review and as a consequence of our recommendations, we were commissioned to implement the revised delivery plan.


What was the challenge?

The outcomes of r10’s independent review exposed the project’s challenges. The current Brexit solution was unable to meet the required deadlines due to the lack of a robust plan and capability gaps in the team. There was no clarity on how to correct the situation. Weaknesses in the stakeholder management approach were affecting the project, as well as the lack of governance and controls.


How did r10 help?

By completing the assurance review of the project, we provided recommendations to our client which were accepted. r10 filled the capability limitations by providing the Senior Team, including the Senior Leadership, Project Managers and Test Lead.  Furthermore, we restructured the project delivery into two phases to meet the deadlines and regulation requirements. r10 put a robust strategy and plan in place to set-up the project for success.


What was the outcome?

The two phase restructuring of the project put the correct controls and governance in place, which led to improved stakeholder relationships and engagement. We enabled the client to negotiate and put commercials in place around a profitable engagement with their end client. Following our independent report, the analysis and design phase was delivered successfully and on time.