Delivering a User Experience Review to an established compliance software.


Our client is an established compliance software that combines artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning, and intelligent analytics to keep organisations compliant with global KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Their onboarding, customer due diligence and transactions surveillance software solution is used extensively globally in various industries and the London Market.

The desire was to utilise r10’s expertise and experience to introduce their solution to the broader London insurance Market. Therefore, r10 was asked to take a User Experience (UX) review and tailor the user experience to cater to the needs of potential London Market clients and ensure their collateral, service, and approach is ‘go-to market’ ready for identified London Market client types.

What was the challenge

Phase 1 of the UX Review identified several use cases relevant to London Market where their services can be utilised. Therefore, the challenge in Phase 2 was to incorporate all the identified Phase 1 use cases into recommendations for the UX for the client’s product.

How did r10 help?

r10 used a modified version of the Design Sprint Methodology for developing the UX Design. The team used a Design Sprint consisting of a five-day process for validating ideas and solving challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with customers, and we did this for five weeks. User interviews with real users of compliance processes and software revealed some pain point they have experienced while using various systems. Based on the user interviews, a user journey map was created and provided a structure for the project. Having evaluated everything in the Understanding phase, we then developed the “How Might We’s” to address the various pain points in the users’ journey. By understanding the problem from various angles, such as business, users, competitors, and technology, the team could finalise the direction and create wireframes for the chosen concept.

What was the outcome?

The UX Review was successfully delivered to the client. r10 was further able to help the client with additional recommendations to consider that was out of scope for this work, and instrumental in helping the client’s roadmap vision for a tailored offering for the insurance marketplace.