Global Electronic Accounting and Settlement for a Carrier


When one of the largest Carriers in the world approached r10 to come up with a global strategy, solution and migration plan for Electronic Accounting and Settlement, we were well placed to make this happen.

What was the challenge?

The carrier had tried unsuccessfully for a number of years to engage with their brokers and put in place a test plan and migration strategy. They were aware some of their competitors were ahead in terms of adoption and their own systems were in need of modernisation.

How did r10 help?

Running workshops for their global team, we were able to leverage our close relationships with Brokers and Vendors and put together an engagement strategy that would see continual commitment aligned to their own wishes. Analysing their portfolio we identified and introduced key brokers, obtaining their commitment to support an ambitious onboarding plan, as well as help test systems prior to going live We were able to work directly with our clients customers to produce a roadmap that would ensure delivery to plan as well as being aligned to future market trends and developments. r10 were able to help in many other ways, and by leveraging support from service providers and ACORD we were able to ensure systems were fit for purpose. We also developed UAT and migration plans, as well as producing internal stakeholder elevator pitches to ensure ongoing sponsorship.

What was the outcome?

r10 developed and implemented an engagement plan that would fast track our client to a successful outcome, without the need for expensive market engagement. An onboarding plan was developed and supported by several clients globally. r10 were further able to help the client by ensuring the programme remained on track, identifying and resolving immediately any issues arising. The positive outcome for the client globally resulted in further advisory services being requested across other areas of their business.