Implementation of a delegated authority system for a Leading Reinsurance Provider.


Our client, a leading reinsurer in the London Market, who focuses on delivering reinsurance solutions that work for their clients across global platforms, needed r10’s expertise on project implementation and support of a brand-new Delegated Authority (DA) system. Our task was to understand the current processes and then map out what our client wanted in terms of the system’s functionality we were going to implement.

What was the challenge.

The big challenge was the inevitable system constraints. Also, we had to manage our client’s requirements to ensure they could be delivered, while working with multiple teams and ensuring everyone was on schedule to deliver the key deliverables.

How did r10 help.

Working with the software provider to understand their capabilities and map out their process, r10 followed by eliciting the client requirements and documenting the requirements from the system. To do this, r10 had to arrange multiple workshops with the client and the software provider to see where the system could fit into their current process.

The project was split into different workflows allowing us to focus on one workflow at a time. Mapping out our client’s future state and holding workshops to validate the requirements ensured the business was happy with the requirements and measured against the success criteria. Once the system was integrated, r10 held UAT workshops with the business to ensure requirements were validated and signed off. Using use case stories and acceptance criteria for each requirement, which r10 conducted smoke testing, regression testing and the UAT workshops. All issues and bugs were tracked and fed back to the technical team to resolve.

What was the outcome.

Successfully implemented DA software for the client and ensured all documentation we captured during the project was given back to the client.

Also, change management support and new operational procedures to support system changes produced and implemented. Full user testing acceptance testing and sign-off and BAU transition from project to business team.

The delivery of the new DA system allowed our client to reduce their outsourced service provider costs and decommission a legacy system while removing 35% of manual work.

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