Supporting a Lloyd’s Syndicate to identify effective reinsurance software solutions.​

r10 were engaged by a Lloyd’s Syndicate to review the current providers of reinsurance software solutions, undertake a market assessment and provide a shortlist of options for an outwards reinsurance solution. 

What was the challenge?

The client had conducted an operational review, examining existing processes, resources, and technology to create a revised Outwards Reinsurance Target Operating Model (TOM). Recognising the need to review their entire ecosystem as part of the TOM project, the Syndicate were keen to identify software to close existing gaps, increase efficiency and provide operational resilience.



How did r10 help.

r10 engaged with reinsurance vendors to provide the Syndicate with:​

  • market analysis​
  • vendor and product
  • overview​ recommendations​ ​

r10 engaged with reinsurance vendors via product demos and discussions on the key components the Syndicate were keen on solving.

The eight key metrics enabled r10 to analyse and rate the solutions against the brief. Providing vendor and product overviews enabled the Syndicate to make an informed decision on remaining with their current solution or proceeding to a RFP stage with the r10 recommended shortlist. ​

We presented our findings and shortlist recommendations of the reinsurance software vendors actively investing, building and implementing software.​

What was the outcome?

  • Evaluated reinsurance software available for the Lloyd’s market
  • Provided a shortlist summary against 8 key metrics
  • Identified next steps to progress to RFI
  • The Syndicate have selected the r10 recommended solution for the implementation phase

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