Supporting an Insurance Technology Provider to refine their future state using change management techniques.


Our client, an insurance technology provider, required our business analysis services to gather requirements from their client in order to build a solution and refine and document their “to be” process to create standardised templates.

What was the challenge.

The challenge was trying to map their future state, while refining their products and services. The products had a complexity that we needed to understand quickly and in-depth to bring the future closer.

How did r10 help.

Our business analysts elicited all the details, their internal processes, and where they want to be in the future, which allowed us to form the basis of their future “to be” state.

We drew up multiple versions of the flow chart from a client perspective and a business perspective, noted down all the various touchpoints and the different teams that would be involved, as well as the multiple levels of the internal process to get the high-level view and the granular detail.

We observed how the team of our client ran the demos and what questions the clients would ask to then tailor the demos to different clients. Once we understood the way the system works, we were then able to run the client demos and help the client with their requirements.

What was the outcome.

We were able to draw up the process maps for their future state at different process map levels depicting the high-level overview of the company as well as the detailed level, which depicts the task level.

We successfully ran multiple demos for their clients, who were able to let us know their requirements, and we effectively captured them. After this project, we have continued working with them on other projects that aim to help them prepare for the future.

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