Stephanie Ballie Manager

Stephanie Ballie



Stephanie has 12 years of diverse experience in business and IT change within Insurance, focused on Business Analysis expertise. Her unique understanding of business and technical landscapes, coupled with a distinct ability to be the conduit between clients, key stakeholders, and 3rd party vendors,  has enabled her to lead the delivery of key strategic operational programmes. Stephanie’s personable and professional approach has supported her into leadership roles, where she has provided end-to-end system delivery, while bringing the right teams together.

Stephanie plays a key role in delivering strategic client projects, while also providing advisory business and technical knowledge often shaping project direction. Utilising her broad and rich market knowledge, Stephanie drives design and solution-focused outcomes for our clients. Leading the Business Analysis function within r10, Stephanie’s passion for supporting her team and emphasis on adding value, helps drive strategic growth and development both internally and for r10’s clients.