Amechi Peirce-Howe

Managing Director


Amechi founded r10 in 2012 to delivery Business and IT change consulting services to the London insurance and specialty market.

He is an articulate, confident and driven professional with extensive experience of delivering resources to the global insurance industry. Amechi’ s honest and open approach to client engagement, developed over 15+ years, enables him to listen and interpret his clients’ needs and translate these into tangible solutions.

What attracted Amechi to r10

In 2012 the idea for an augmented resources management and consulting offering came about from a single client demand.

Working in partnership with our clients enabled our business model to develop and improve so that today r10 can offer a range of services uniquely tailored to support the ever-changing landscape that is insurance. Amechi’s focus is now on extending and developing a team that has the drive, passion, dedication and spirit to support r10’s growing portfolio of clients.


Sport (Golf/ Cycling /Running/HiiT), socialising with friends and travelling.

Three things that most people don’t know about Amechi

He owned and ran his own pub. He was born in Trinidad and moved to England when he was 6. Amechi means “who knows tomorrow” in Igalal.


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