Georgina Christou

Lead Marketing Consultant


Georgina joined r10 to provide strategic positioning, planning and implementation for all marketing and communications activities in line with r10’s objectives. Prior to this, Georgina worked on the underwriting side of the insurance industry, followed by her introduction to consulting at CSC. Georgina has experience in transformation programmes that enabled business and technology changes.

What attracted Georgina to r10

Launching r10 consulting with a talented team was an opportunity she could not pass. The insurance industry is facing the need of modernising its business, technology and operations. r10’s dynamic business model and expertise on business transformation and IT advisory can deliver the needs of its clients. Georgina’s passion for marketing and communications, combined with her experience in insurance and consulting industries attracted her to r10’s vision.


Enjoying life; surrounded by good friends, food, travel and art.

Three things that most people don’t know about Georgina

She visited the tallest waterfalls on earth – Angel Falls in Venezuela. She bungee jumped at the Corinth Canal in Greece. She cannot live without lemons and yoghurt.


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