Hannah Cozens

Portfolio Support Manager


Hannah made the move to Consulting and Project Deliver after being in education for 13 years. As an Assistant Headteacher, she was accountable for the outcomes of 1200 students a year in secondary education. This involved the organisation and definition of Management Information Systems and the creation of Business Intelligence through Reporting tools. In a challenging and changing landscape, her passionate, determined and resilient approach ensured results were achieved. Hannah was responsible for leading and managing a campus of over 700 people which will stand her in good stead for her role supporting the r10 service offerings.

What attracted Hannah to r10

The prospect of a new challenge, after being in teaching for 13 years, r10 provided her with an opportunity too good to miss. Hannah loved the young and fresh dynamic approach of r10 and its capability to develop into a market leader within the ever-changing world and industry.
Hannah will provide the nurturing, and behind the scenes support to guarantee the effective daily running of r10 whilst working with the Heads of each capability to establish and maintain a supportive and successful business environment.


Sport (playing and watching), travelling, cooking & baking, arts & crafts, shopping and socialising with family & friends.

Three Things that most people don’t know about Hannah

Hannah’s is a Street Style Martial Arts Instructor, has been to 27 out of 28 EU member countries and is qualified Netball umpire and represented England.


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