Laura Ryan

Finance and Operations Manager


Laura has worked in Finance for over 11 years and has vast experience across all accounting processes specialising in SME’s. Laura previously worked in Media and Advertising, focusing on support and operations, proving invaluable to her current role. During her time at r10, Laura has gained extensive knowledge of the policies and procedures required for maximum efficiency in the Operations & HR Department.

What attracted Laura to r10

Having worked with some of the r10 team from the start,  Laura couldn’t miss the opportunity to work in a culture that she knew she would fit in with and be able to provide the best support possible, both internally and externally.


Spending time with family and friends, yoga and cinema/films.

Three things that most people don’t know about Laura

Laura spent a year travelling and working in North America, South East Asia and Australasia. She is qualified in Childcare and Early Years Learning, and travelled to her wedding reception in a helicopter.


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