Talent Placement Solutions.

We specialise in providing client-centric Talent Placement Solutions to businesses seeking skilled professionals in niche business areas. 

Our Talent & Resourcing team have in-depth knowledge and understanding of various insurance industry segments, including the London Market and digital transformation landscape. We work closely with our clients to identify, engage and attract top talent by developing tailored resourcing strategies aligning with their business goals and hiring needs; and providing advice and consulting on trends within the current market.

Being part of the London Market transformation enables us to follow industry best practices to streamline hiring and deliver superior results. With our Talent Placement Solutions, we help our clients build a high-performing workforce that drives business success.

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Benefits of Our Service:

  • Access to a wide network of experts with niche skills and experience
  • Efficient and effective talent pipelining to provide speedy, relevant candidates/experts for project roles
  • Expert advice and insights on market trends, salary benchmarks, talent pools, and availability to help you make informed decisions
  • Vetting strategies, including CV review, relationship screening, and skills evaluation


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