​EDII – which stands for Educate, Develop, Innovate, Inspire – is a distinctive innovation, education and development company built for regulated markets.​

EDII provides business practitioners with a uniquely specific combination of innovation, creative, business and leadership skills needed to inspire and thrive in a digital-driven world.

Founded by Caroline Bedford whilst at DXC Technology, Digital Minds is EDII’s flagship programme, having evolved into an industry brand since its creation in 2016. Digital Minds is an award-winning 12-month programme that engages passionate and ambitious insurance professionals and enables them to develop innovative, creative and business-critical skills.


How r10 can help.

  • EDII’s target buyers are the Learning and Development, HR, change and innovation budget holders. We can help provide referrals to the Digital Minds programme to create a better engaged and skilled workforce for clients’ businesses.
  • EDII offers company-specific training. We can help address the bespoke training needs of our clients around innovation, education and development.
  • r10 has 5 delegates taking part in the Digital Minds innovation programme; we can help by using some of the skills we have learnt, in-house, to see first hand how EDII training can help improve staff skills and business capabilities.


View The r10 Partner Ecosystem – Who are EDII?

The r10 Partner Ecosystem – Who are EDII?

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View r10 and EDII are Innovation, Learning and Development partners

r10 and EDII are Innovation, Learning and Development partners

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