Eigen Technologies.

Eigen Technologies are specialists in intelligent data extraction and document processing. Their no-code platform turns information siloed in documents into usable, structured data ready to analyse and act upon.

Natural language processing and machine learning enable the platform to scan documents and extract the relevant information with precision and ease.

Eigen specialises in transforming semi-structured and unstructured data, which typically accounts for 90% of all organisational data. Examples of documents processed include underwriting/assessment questionnaires, policies, MRC and other insurance slips.


How r10 can help.

  • Scoping, analysing and mapping source data and output requirements to design bespoke Eigen data extraction models.
    Defining a test strategy and success criteria and working with clients to manage live data testing.
  • End-to-end project management, including integration to core operational systems or data analysis hub to ensure on-time and on-budget solution delivery and achievement of optimal business benefits.
  • On-going support to refine data extraction models over time or create and define new models.


View The r10 Partner Ecosystem – Who are Eigen Technologies?

The r10 Partner Ecosystem – Who are Eigen Technologies?

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