Supercede is the powerful, end-to-end reinsurance platform that contains the essential software suite for the entire reinsurance value chain of cedents, brokers, and reinsurance underwriters. Supercede supports cedents who want better submission quality, brokers who want a better placement process, and reinsurers who want better access to risks and data.

How r10 can help.

  • Our team brings together cross-class and cross-function experience and best practice expertise from across the London market to ensure Supercede works best for our clients.
  • Analysis of business needs, design and build of Supercede solutions and configuration to meet those requirements.
  • End-to-end agile project management, including integration to downstream or external systems and realisation of business benefits, ensuring on-time and on-budget solution delivery.
  • Provide advisory services that will inform and ensure that any implementation aligns with corporate strategy


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