We are advocates of change and transformation, not only in the insurance industry but also in society. We commit to giving back our skills, time and resources to the community and future generations.

Cultivate Skills.

Our charity partner is Deedbees, a fledgling not-for-profit organisation that supports young people to build independent and successful futures – regardless of background. As consultants, r10 employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge in various areas and offer “good deeds” through advice, guidance and mentorship of Community Bee members through one-to-one sessions. Together, r10 and Deedbees give young people that extra boost towards a prosperous and independent future.


Provide time.

We have always been keen to make a difference by volunteering our time to support charities close to our hearts. Providing our time to help the community gives us purpose to promote change, not only in the insurance market, but in society as a whole. As r10, we have also supported a hospice in Kent, homelessness prevention, and food banks.

Individually, our people also support a huge range of national and local causes.  We actively support these personal passions and provide volunteer days to allow time for people to make a difference.


Supply Resources.

r10’s Talent in Sports programme is one of the ways we supply resources to the community by sponsoring sporting talent so they can have the right kit and facilities. We have supported various athletes and teams in the past, both amateurs and professionals of all ages. Our athletes make us proud to see them succeed, improve, and grow.

We believe that playing sports promotes both physical and mental health. It cultivates self-confidence, discipline, and strong leadership skills while also improving an adult’s work-life balance.