The urgency of the climate crisis requires change and action to reduce emissions and promote green alternatives. We commit to reducing our climate impact and creating a sustainable world for future generations.

Be eco-Friendly.

We aim to create an eco-friendly office to minimise our impact on the environment – from the building itself to waste and essentials.

A sustainable focus drove the choice of our new office space– from borehole thermal energy storage and energy piles to thermal wheels on all air handling units and more. As well as recycling, we strive to reduce waste to the minimum and process it correctly to create energy and compost. Responsibly sourced products make a difference in our environmental impact while creating a positive atmosphere – from bamboo toilet rolls, fairtrade and sustainable coffee, biodegradable packaging, eco-friendly soaps, and reusable items.

We have moved to a hybrid working model that uses the r10 office as a space for collaboration and innovation. Therefore, we have minimised our travelling to more meaningful encounters.

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint.

We are seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and commit to investing in environmental projects to balance out usage, incentivising us to be greener and promote sustainable living. We want to mitigate our impact of today in ways that will make a difference to our planet.


Promote Sustainability.

Our current choices and actions have substantial long-term impacts on future generations. We are all in this together. We want our people, community, and circle of influence to be encouraged to do what is best for the environment and livable future, and always invite them to join our environmental initiatives.