We are committed to creating a prosperous environment for our people to thrive that advocates for Respect, Development and Individuality.

Be Diverse & Inclusive.

We understand that inclusivity brings knowledge and better results. We are committed to constantly seeking ways to challenge bias, amplify more voices, be open-minded, and promote accessibility to attract and retain a diverse talent population. We are dedicated to building a truly inclusive workforce – a place that represents the diversity of our modern society, with opportunities to grow and succeed based on our own merits.

  • 80% of r10 employees are women
  • 60% of directors are women
  • 20% are ethnic minorities

All data as of December 31, 2021

Encourage Continuous Development.

Learning is a lifelong process and staying on top of changes is key for future growth. We encourage everyone to remain curious, resourceful, and explore their interests to stay adaptable and progress, professionally and personally. We are committed to cultivating innovative thinking, building skills, and evolving capabilities and technical expertise in agile ways to invest in our future.


Prioritise Wellbeing.

We always strive to prioritise a happy and healthy work environment that fosters and supports mental health. At r10, we have several wellbeing initiatives, resources, and champions that aim to influence people to stay active and have a work-life balance, while promoting kindness and meaningful relationships.