The “Talent in Sports” programme is an initiative we have run since our inception that supports sporting talent in the community. We have supported various athletes and teams in the past, both amateurs and professionals of all ages. Our athletes make us proud to see them succeeding, improving and growing up.

We believe that playing sports promotes both physical and mental health. They can cultivate self-confidence, discipline, and strong leadership skills while also improving an adult’s work-life balance.

Eastern region

Our teams.

Royal Navy’s Eastern Region Football Club 

The announcement of being able to be sponsored as a football team is great news for the serving military personnel. The sponsorship will make us stand out as a team in an Elite level tournament where all the best players within the Royal Navy attend to play. The partnership will allow us to represent what is a great brand and advertise around the Royal Navy. We have a number of players who are on Operational Front line ships as well as training establishments.

Joseph Collin

Eastern Region Football Team Manager

Athletes we have previously sponsored.

Reece Bellotti.

A professional boxer who is twice a featherweight ABA National Champion. The r10 team have watched “the Bomber”, as Bellotti is called, winning via a knockout round, in an eliminator for the British Featherweight title at the York Hall in London.



Ryan Botley.

A professional golf player that r10 sponsored, said that:

Entry fees and expenses are so high nowadays and it makes it hard for young people to get out and compete without having to stress about losing money. I would not be able to compete in many of the ranking tournaments without the support of r10. Their support has really made a difference.

Ryan Botley